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A good drop of homemade drink is an indispensable part of most important events in the life of every individual. It is part of our tradition, our culture and way of life. If a good drop is produced in the traditional way, preserving the quality and fruit from which it is made, but also the quality of the final product, then a good drop becomes a DOMESTIC drop, and that is where our story begins.

In completely renovated premises in 2021. year, our new distillery was opened. It performs the process of production of domestic liqueurs and fruit brandies, from the very beginning to the final product.

This means that in the distillery there is a complete process of fruit fermentation, distillation and production of fruit brandies, as well as maceration of fruits and production of homemade liqueurs.


Finished products come out of our Family Farm, labeled and packaged in a modern design that is a combination of tradition and graphic progress.

Using the benefits of modern life, we combine sustainability, ecology and tradition. By using solar renewable energy, we want to make part of our economy energy self-sustainable.

The beauty of tradition and the usefulness of modernity can go hand in hand, and in this direction we want to direct our family farm in the future. Keeping the tradition in a modern environment we want to tell our HOMEMADE STORY.

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