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domestic story

How our ancestors worked

The Damičević family farm was founded in 2018. years. Wanting to enrich the hectic pace of life by returning to nature, we founded our Family Farm and started our HOME STORY.

We are proud to present a line of our homemade liqueurs and fruit brandies. The base of each of our alcoholic beverages is fruit grown and harvested in Slavonian orchards (raspberries, blackberries, chokeberries, cherries, apples, plums, quinces, grapes). In our own orchards we grow berries (raspberries, blackberries, chokeberries), and we have planted a young orchard with more than 200 trees of white and black mulberry, a berry, already somewhat forgotten fruit.

Only the cleaning and preparation of fruit for production and its aging was done in the traditional way, as our ancestors did. In our distillery, built in 2021. year, every fruit brandy is produced in traditional cauldrons, according to the secrets and recipes of our grandfathers.

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